Our Mission
Making a genuine difference for life by:

Sending people out with a Mission
Bringing people into Membership
Building people to Maturity
Training people for Ministry
And Magnifying God..

As fully devoted followers of Christ.
How do we do this? It is the church's responsibility to represent the person of Jesus Christ in
every way. This can only be done when people surrender to God's will with obedience and
faithfulness. The message of Jesus Christ is relevant and real for the world people live in today.
There is no other replica for abundant life. It's genuine. God desires to use ordinary people in
great ways. We believe coming along side of people and showing them how to live is the best way
to impact lives. When people develop relationships with other people who love God, the result is
a genuine difference for life!

A genuine difference for life is more than a change. It's an eternal difference
in the lives of ordinary people that would point them to the person of Jesus
Christ. God desires to fill people with His peace, joy, character, and love.
Our desire is to be a church that God can use 24 hours a day.