Leaders of First Impressions

Pastor Susan McKeithen, Springs First Church of the Nazarene’s “Connection Pastor,” leads and works along with “First Impressions” director Pastor Jerry Scroggins. A team of connect leaders help greet, host, inform, and get to know new people to help them connect with God, with others, and offer opportunities to serve.

All attenders receive a warm welcome at the entrance by greeters. Newcomers are encouraged to chat and have a coffee or breakfast in the He-brew’s Café or in the Heritage and Hospitality Center before or after service.

During the announcements in the service, all people, including visitors, are asked to fill out a response card to be returned during the offering or brought by the Heritage and Hospitality Center in person. Visitors are asked to stop by the Heritage and Hospitality Center to meet pastors and leaders of the church.

After the service, newcomers experience a stand-up reception atmosphere that includes refreshments and that nurtures communication in the Heritage and Hospitality Center. Newcomers meet the pastor and can ask questions about the sermon or about the church. The connection pastor helps newcomers connect with other people, whether it is with other members of the church their age or a leader in their area of ministry interest.

During the week, first-time visitors receive a letter from the lead pastor and receive a call from the connection pastor. They are also contacted by the other special interest pastors, like the youth, worship, children, single adult, Spanish, and college and career pastors, greeting and inviting them to other weekly activities.

Newcomers’ names who are attending regularly are given to the Lunch Bunch team to be called and invited out to lunch. Some newcomers are visited in their homes and offered a one-on-one discipler.

A three session membership class is offered every month called “Introduction to the Springs First Family” where newcomers can learn about who we are as a church, what we believe, and are given a tour of the facility along with the chance to meet our pastors. After this introductory class, newcomer Sunday School classes are formed for newcomers to have a small group. The starting curriculum covers topics like “Discovering Spiritual Maturity,” “Discovering My Servant Profile,” and “Discovering How to Share My Faith.” Friendship building is as important as course content for these newcomer Sunday school classes.

Connections are being made at many different levels with newcomers. Preparing leaders, evangelizing, following-up, teaching, and incorporating newcomers, is working together to develop fully devoted followers of Christ which is the overall goal of connect ministries.

Pastor Susan McKeithen

Connection Pastor