Henry Reed - Children's Pastor

Eastern Washington (state) is where Henry was raised. His parents were homesteaders in the 1960’s and many of the stories he shares originate from his experiences growing up on the farm with his brothers, sisters and animals.  Robin (originally from the Napa valley in Northern California), and Henry met while attending NNU and recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Henry graduated with a business degree while attending NNU. Both Henry and Robin are also graduates of the Nazarene Bible College and have lived in Colorado Springs for over 20 years. 

Raising their daughter Elizabeth and son David is a blessing. Traveling to new places and exploring the outdoors encompass their free time. Recently Pastor Henry and Elizabeth traveled to Mystora, Russia with Children’s Hope Chest to help lead a VBS program at an orphanage. Children’s Ministry has been a part of Henry and Robin’s life ever since they were married. Their passion for working with children combined with their education in Biblical Studies, Christian Education and Leadership and Ethics has offered many rich opportunities to know how to help kids understand God’s plan for their lives. They believe it is a privilege to be called by God to help bring the truth and love of Jesus Christ to children.