John's Worship Moments

Random thoughts on worship.  Feel free to dialog and comment (comments will be moderated for content).


Silver Dollar City Worship

Last night we were sitting in a country music show. The host comes out and says "at Silver Dollar City (SDC) we believe in putting God first so we are going to sing songs that give glory to the living God". They did a medley of contemporary and traditional songs all country style. It was a great time an the Holy Spirit ministered to my heart as I sang His praises.


Worship and Money

Do these two go together? To explore this we need to know what worship is. Worship as a verb means to render religious reverence and homage to. I find it interesting that when Jesus talks about paying taxes to the government of Rome he uses the word "render."  Also we sometimes talk about "paying homage" to someone who has done something good or that we respect.  If we are ascribing the unfathomable worth of Christ in our services through music and the Word, then why do some view the offering as a hinderance to their lives or worship experience.  We should see the offering time as an act or worship and letting God know that we honor Him and all that He is with ALL that we are.  

People get funny when you talk about money.  They do not seem to mind talking about styles of music, preaching, service orders, etc.  What do you think?




Where Do You Worship?

I love it when God moves and I am in crazy places (physically).  I have worship experiences in theme parks (won't say which ones, but they start with a "D'). God has stirred my heart in a secular concert once too.  I stood to my feet and gave Him glory.  I have had moments in the car, in my office, and too many other places to recount.  Not all worship happens in a church building.  Have you had a worship moment somewhere other than church?

In a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert I was sitting watching the concert and they started to rock out on a favorite Christmas song.  Some people were standing and I decided to join them. I threw my hands in the air (not a prerequisite for worship by-the-way) and began singing to the tops of my lungs and a few tears streaming down my face.  "Fall on your knees. O hear the angel voices..."  It was a powerful and memorable moment.  What are some of yours?


What's up with "Special Music"?

Yesterday (Sunday), I was asked a question about "Special Music" in our church.  The Question was this, "If we meet for corporate worship why do we have people sing solo's?"  I love questions like this.  It makes me think. 

My answer went something like this:

I plan services understanding that there are non-believers that will be in the service.  When a person who does not have a relationship with Christ comes into our service, who do we expect them to sing to?  So, we place elements in the service that are not intended for corporate worship.  I also believe that some folks can worship through listening and hearing music.  We also use music and songs as a vehicle to "set-up" the morning message. Using a song to cause tension about a certain topic so the sermon (God's Word) can give us insight and direction.  

Any Thoughts?