Our vision is to see the military and veteran community of Colorado Springs impacted by the Gospel and transformed into fruitful disciples of Jesus. We seek to do this by embracing, supporting, and transforming the service members, veterans and families of Colorado Springs through bible study, worship, prayer and fellowship in the love of Christ.

We understand the unique pressures placed on military families, from repeated deployments, strenuous training schedules, and the stress of moving away from friends and family to a new community. So if you are a service member, veteran, spouse or other family member in the Colorado Springs area; we want to make you feel welcome, loved, and supported.
Contact Pastor Jerry Scroggins at jscroggins@springsfirst.org or 719.596.5119.

 MILITARY Chaplains Training

Deployed Spouses & Family Dinner


SFC MILITARY Ministry Appreciation


Appreciation From Our Troops

“Hi! I got my care package! Thank you SO much! I am very blessed to have such an amazing support group in SFC! I miss you all very much and am counting the weeks as they’re seeming to fly by rather quickly!:)” – Robert in Afghanistan.

“I appreciate it a lot. Please let them know I read the letters and that I appreciate them and their gifts.” – Clayton in Okinawa.

“I wanted to let you know that we received your care package! Thank you so much to all those who took time to do that for us. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, and it’s nice to know we are on your mind
and in your prayers.
Daily highs hit 105-110 these days, with an occasional 115. It gets down to around 80 at night, which actually feels pretty good! Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. Appreciate your faithful support of our great Soldiers and Families!
Blessings, Pat Devine”
“Greetings everyone,
What a joy and honor to have worked with every single one of you over the past 9 months!
This coalition of local churches that want to support and minister to our military, is an absolute answer to prayer.
We are looking forward to this months Deployed Spouses Dinner, and have an excellent guest speaker; Rachel Mitchell (my worship leader from Provider Chapel).
It is somewhat sad that this is the final one for 3ABCT, yet the great news is that they are coming home. Hallelujah!
You all have made a wonderful difference in the lives of our 3ABCT spouses and children during this deployment.
Thank you so much, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the 17th.
In Christ, CHK

How You Can Support Our MILITARY

1. Adopt” a specific deployed service member for their 8+ months of deployment

2. Purchase items from list to fill boxes.

3. Donate $25 monthly to cover shipping costs.
4. Volunteer at Families of Deployed Dinners at Ft. Carson or Peterson.
5. Childcare at Protestant Women of the Chapel Bible studies on both bases.
6. SFC Easter Egg Hunt for our surrounding community and military families.
7. Pray for our military and their families.
Please stop by the MILITARY Counter for more information.

Designate contributions to “MILITARY Ministry”.