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SPRINGS FIRST UNIVERSITY-Sunday, February 6th trough February 27th
at 10:45 a.m. in Room 302. SFU 301: "Discovering My Ministry." Circle "A" or
go to the ministry counter to sign up.

NEW MINISTRY STARTING SOON!  Are you a "bridge builder," one who
likes to meet people and help them get connected in our church?  If so, this
ministry is for you. Mark this date on your calendar - February 16 (in the
LAC) and circle the letter "C" on a Response Card to indicate your interest.  
We are looking for 120 people to be involved in this exciting new ministry.
How about you?

GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR MINISTRY! Adult volunteers are needed to
help with Upward Basketball. What an opportunity to affect our future by
working with kids! If you are interested in helping in this ministry, circle "B."

WAM has many opportunities for you to serve in ministry. Check out these
areas of interest: drama, choir, bells, arts & crafts, instrumental, culinary
arts, sticks, flags & ribbons
If you would like to share your special talent with children, or if you are
interested in teaching children the ministry of sticks interpretation, please
contact Pastor Steve, WAM Director.