Welcome to Our Military Ministry.

Our vision is to see the military and veteran community of Colorado Springs impacted by the Gospel and transformed into fruitful disciples of Jesus. We seek to do this by embracing, supporting, and transforming the service members, veterans, and families of Colorado Springs through bible study, worship, prayer, and fellowship in the love of Christ.
We understand the unique pressures placed on military families, from repeated deployments, strenuous training schedules, and the stress of moving away from friends and family to a new community.
So if you are a service member, veteran, spouse, or other family member in the Colorado Springs area; we want to make you feel welcome, loved, and supported.
If you have any questions, please email or call us, or just stop by for our weekly bible study.
Check in with Pastor Jerry Scroggins at jscroggins@springsfirst.org or call 719.596.5119